lunes, 18 de junio de 2007

Kiss my baby
Operation bikini (DIET!)
Watch all seasons of the Simple Life
Spend lots of 7 minutes in heaven with my hottie
Try Vogue slims
Danny blog
Post more on MH
Discover new music
Meet Javi's cousins
Read something in French
Watch films
Get a summer hottie
Watch Javi play tennis
Draw something
Watch SATC/OC/whatever with Mapi
Go out with old friends!
Try a French Martini
Go to Yani's fave club
Drink lots of water!
Go to the eye doctor
Tidy up drawers and table and shelf
Keep my room tidy basically!
Spend some time with Carlos
Find camera battery!
Buy ink for printer
Buy concert tickets
Go to the south!
Learn how to use Photoshop better
Use Dreamweaver!
Go to Thai restaurant
Make Javi eat tiramisu
Do something really bad
Buy a human bio book and read it
Buy new mascara- Using mum's is bad!
Buy some make up
Organize my CDs
Eat lots of apples, negative calories!
Go to an aquapark!
Get my hair cut